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The challenge faced by pilots is distinct in that they must pass a medical exam every 6-12 months to maintain their ability to fly and fulfill their job responsibilities. This presents a particularly unique risk that is frequently misunderstood and not sufficiently addressed by insurance coverage.
As the aviation industry continues to expand, there is an increasing demand for reliable and comprehensive insurance coverage. In order to address the unique risk posed by mandatory pilot medical exams, it is essential to provide insurance that offers genuine protection and fulfills its promises to pilots.
Imitation insurance options for pilots exist with significant limitations, such as territory, overregulation, slow claims process, and time-consuming onboarding, resulting in confusion and a significant gap between the insurance industry and pilots. This disconnect and distrust must be addressed.

We have the solution

A new and innovative solution to bridge the gap between pilots and the insurance industry. By utilizing decentralized technology, this type of insurance aims to provide greater transparency, efficiency, and trust to the insurance process.
Business Study
AI-driven Insurance (Onboarding and claims)
Complete Power and Control by Community (Community lead claims)
Creating, Safer, more responsible aviators
First of its Kind insurance
Simple, clear claims
We focus on Insuring your Class 1 Medical and your life
Little to no Human interaction
Fast, simple,near Instant Onboarding and Claims
No territorial limitations
Non Conforming Claims get deliberated and decided on by peers
Corrupt claims are swiftly dismissed, reducing costs and enhancing premiums for all clients
Best possible premiums that adjust with time

Blockchain Benefits

Transparent premiums, process,claims and profit.

Ultimate accountability, credibility and honesty

Faster onboarding, faster claims, near eradication of fraudulent claims (IA,Medical data, authenticity)
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Business Study

420 000 Airline Pilots World Wide - 2 Million across discpline
There is a significant lack of trust in insurance, and this sentiment is justified.
A clean and concise solution is required to address a highly specific problem.
The community is the most knowledgeable, and only aviators can truly appreciate the product's value.
The Aviation community trusts each other. They are responsible for each others safety every day
Our App will bring together piers, share ideas and solutions to every day problems
Exclusivity, Job security , healthy living and reliable, structured living are what attract aviators
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